Blueoxygen Gandharva is an application used to document ideas. This application made because there are many ideas that suddenly appear, so if not documented that ideas will be forgotten. Gandharva categorize ideas to facilitate the search for ideas.Collection of ideas will be easier for others to review the idea and provide case to make the ideas become complex.

Gandharva roles are :
1. Admin
2. User
Gandharva features are :
1. Idea
This module is used to create new idea who want to share with other user. There are four status given to the idea here, they are new idea, waiting approval, working in progress and 
2. Category
This module is made to categorize the ideas created by user. Only admin can add the categories
3. Status
This module is designed to change the status of an idea created by user. Only admin and owner's idea that could change the status of that idea.