Aconix is a Content Management Engine that manage every descriptors in Cimande.
Aconix will collect all the descriptor's content to become a collection. The Collection can be called a group of descriptor content.

The basic idea of Aconix is to split a designer and technical team. So, desinger can more focus in design the layout of web design development.

Aconix right now is designed for marketing purpose web site, which based on event, may be you can find that every event must have different layout. That is it. Aconix will help technical team not to develop a web in every event promotion, and because the skin technology, Aconix will make designer team more creative, may be you can change your layout every 2 weeks or month very easy.

Collection Bridge

    * Page Collection
      Every collection can be grouped also, we called it Page Collection, there is 2 type of Collection, Ordered and Selected.
    * Ordered Collection
      Ordered Collection means the descriptor's content will be grouped in sorted order, and the order can be date, time, or any field that descriptor has.
    * Selected Collection
      Selected Collection means that the content is not sorted by selected, the order is selected by user. Usually we can use Selected Collection when we want to create a headling.


Layout Management

Aconix's Layout Management is using Velocity, and to parse all the Collection is very easy, it works look like enumeration. Thanks to Velocity team for this technology. Every layout is represented by a skin, a skin is a velocity file of course, and every skin must be mapped into a single theme.

You can use Site in Cimande to map it to a theme. Example, you have xxx.com, make the xxx.com become a site in Cimande and after that just make a theme, map it. If you access xxx.com it is automatically read the Page Collection of every skin based on the pagename.