Blueoxygen Narawang is a task management application. This application is used to create a task list of each person. This project is designed for documenting the product, the fund and who work on this project

Beside, if there are many developers that do a project will be difficult to remember who do the task. This application will easier the tracking error and see the developer ability to do the task that given by project manager
Narawang roles are :
1. Manager
2. Member
3. Monitoring
Narawang features are :
1. Project
This module is used to create new project that will be done by the member
2. Task Manager
This module is used to give a task that must be done by the member
3. Summary
This module is used to give a report or summary from the result of project work during the specified time. There are three types of reports are task complete, uncomplete tasks and not worked